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Your request will be delivered immediately to our practice staff and processed promptly during normal business hours. In the comment section you can provide any details you would like to share (preferred office location, times preferred and days of the week preferred, etc).

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    Medical Billing

    Send an email to get all your questions answered

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      You appointment is coming up and we have not yet received confirmation that you are receiving our emails.  We sent an email to the address we had for you but it appears that you did not get it. We must know that we can communicate with you by email. Once you complete the form below we will email you.  Click the link in the email to confirm that you have received the email and then your registration process begins.  You will only be asked to complete this process once as long as you are a patient. Every patient must complete email confirmation and registration once. You appointment is few days away and we would like to get you registered at least 2 days before so that the staff is ready for you when you arrive.  Thanks